• Company — Wargaming Group Limited, legal address: 105, Agion Omologiton Avenue, 1080 Nicosia, Cyprus, site:
    • Service — collection of web-resources and methods API, located on the Internet in the domain and subdomain of the Company.
    • Application — computer program created by a User with the help of the Service.
    • API methods — set of ready classes, procedures, functions and constants provided to the User for creation of Applications.
    • Token — an authorized key received during registration, which is used for identification of a User and gives an opportunity to use API.
    • User — any person including fictitious one, with no legal limitations on use of online services, that concluded the present Agreement.
    • Moderation — check of conformity of the Applications created by a User with the User Agreement conditions by the Company representatives.
    1. Any use of the Service means that the User fully read, understood and agree with the conditions of the present User agreement (hereinafter – UA or Agreement), undertakes to comply with them and bear responsibility for their violation. The User is deemed to have accepted the UA in full without reservations and exceptions. In case of the User’s disagreement with any provision of the UA, the User is not entitled to use the Service. Use of the Service under conditions different from the ones set forth herein is possible only with written approval of the Company.
    2. This UA may be changed or amended by the Company at any time including by means of placement (publication) of its new edition. The Company notifies the User about a change or an amendment by any of the listed ways: publication on the Site, sending a message to the User’s e-mail, placement of an information message within the Service including by means of publication of the text of the change or the amendment within the Service. After receipt of such a message, the User is obliged immediately to get acquainted with the occurred changes and amendments of the Agreement. Continuation of using the Service by the User after receipt of the message about changes and amendments of the Agreement is considered as an expression of the User’s consent with them. A current version of the UA is always on the corresponding page of the Service.
    3. If the Company introduces any changes in the present Agreement in the order stipulated in p. 2.2 hereof, with which the User does not agree, he is obliged to suspend using the Service.
    4. The Service offers an opportunity of free access to a set of tools and documentation which helps the User to create the Application free of charge. The User is provided with the Token that grants a right to the User’s Application to get access to the Service.
    5. All currently existing functions of the Service as well as any their development and/or addition of new ones are a subject-matter of this Agreement.
    6. Relations between the Company and the User emerging in connection with the use of API methods are regulated by the laws of Cyprus.
    1. Applications created by the User on the basis of API methods are available to other users of the Internet.
    2. The User agrees that the Applications that got access to the Service or other resources of the Company will be available to other users and the Company for review and use on the Internet. However, the Company does not bear responsibility for the third party’s use of the Applications placed by the User and having access to the Service.
    3. The User is obliged not to use the Service for downloading the Applications, violating the applicable legislation or rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as the Applications, containing malicious programs (or which are malicious programs themselves), as well as the Applications containing advertisement (except for advertisement placed with the Company’s consent). The User bears full liability against third parties responsibility on his own for his actions connected with placement of the Applications on the Service or on other exterior resources.
    4. The Company is entitled, without notification of the User and without explanation of the reasons, to block the Token of the User’s Application at any time as well as demand the User to introduce any changes in the Applications placed on exterior resources.
    5. The Company reserves a right to limit the User’s access to the Service (or to certain functions of the Service if it is technologically possible) with use of his account or completely block the User’s account if the present Agreement is repeatedly violated, or apply other measures to the User in order to observe the requirements of the legislation or rights and legitimate interests of the third party.
    1. API methods are a programming interface which gives the User an opportunity to create applications directly interacting with the Service in order to manage the placement of the data provided to the User on the Service or on external resources, as well as to use API methods by other means not contradicting the present Agreement.
    2. Use of API methods by the User is regulated by the present Agreement.
    3. In order to get access to API methods it is necessary to log in according to the set form on the Service and to receive the Token. The Company is entitled at its own discretion to deny the access to API methods without clarification of reasons.
    4. Except for API methods themselves, the User is forbidden to use other means of automated access (robots etc.) in regard to the Service.
    5. The Company reserves a right to set any limits and restrictions for use of API methods and their components.
    6. All rights in regard to the Application and other items, rightfully developed by the User, belong to the User. The Company shall refrain from using or modifying the source code of the Applications, developed by the User.

      All intellectual property rights of the Company as well other proprietary rights belonging to the Company – remain with the Company. As a form of consideration for the Service, the User provides royalty-free the Company with a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual license (with the right of sublicense and assignment) to use the items, developed on the basis of the Service. This right of the Company shall be effective only in regard to items made publicly available by the User, as well to their parts, and information, provided by the User in connection with the Service and other Company products. The Company’s right to use the items and information covers the right to use them worldwide in any possible way from the moment they are made publicly available or provided to the Company, including the right to publicize, distribute, modify, adapt and re-work, publish, create derivative works, all without the obligation to reference to the author.
    1. The Service is provided on the “as-is” principle, i.e. the Company does not guarantee its conformity with the goals and expectations of the User, undisturbed and error-free operation of the Service.
    2. The Company does not bear any liability neither indemnification for any damage, direct or consequential, caused to the User in the result of use or impossibility of use of the Service as well as in the result of use or impossibility of use of information received with the help of the Service.
    3. The User bears responsibility for use and safekeeping of the Token on his own and in full. The Company does not bear any responsibility for unauthorized use of the Token by the third party.
    4. All actions performed with use of the User’s Token are considered to be performed by the User personally. The User is obliged to immediately notify the Company of any case of unauthorized (not allowed by the User) access and/or of any security violation.
    5. The User understands and agrees that the Company performs monitoring of the whole activity concerning use of the Service and can gather and analyze statistics of the User’s actions performed during use of the Service.
    6. The User bears full liability against third parties on his own for his actions during use of the Service, including for their conformity with the legislation requirements, and do not violate rights and legitimate interests of third parties. The User is obliged to settle all third party’s claims connected with actions of the User during use of the Service on his own and at his own expense.
    1. All issues and claims connected with use/impossibility of use of the Service shall be placed in the forum at the address